Discovering Peace When Everything Changes



“Each of us is profoundly unique and co-creative with reality. The specific events of our life are unpredictable. The miraculous capacity of the human heart and consciousness is to distill meaning, gather courage and gratitude in equal measure and act with integrity no matter what happens. When we do that our path is clear and we embrace the present as we create a future. Nicole shares her personal experiences of challenge and elevation and how that kindled an awakening. She asks us to ask ourself what is true, unique and real for our self. Then she gives tips and techniques to help us live that truth in each moment. A good way to live and love.“


— Gurucharan Singh Khalsa PhD, Author,  The 21 Stages of Meditation,

Breathwalk, and The Mind (coauthored with Yogi Bhajan)

Director of Training KRI (Kundalini Yoga Research Institute)



Finding Your Inner Truth is the story of a woman seeking peace and answers to life’s most difficult questions. When Nicole finds herself overcome by grief over the death of her dog, she begins a journey that would test anyone’s beliefs. Imagine Marley and Me and Eat, Pray, Love combined and you’ll understand the magic embodied in this very human, canine, and universal tale of soul-searching. Better yet, you’ll resonate with it, be as surprised as Nicole was by some of her mystical experiences—ranging from speaking to the dead to discovering a portal to other worlds in her home—and come away with a new awareness and understanding about the meaning of your life.”


— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. and award-winning author of

Spirit of the North: a paranormal romance



“Get ready to stretch your sense of possibilities. Full of UFO phenomenon, divorce, career challenges, love, death, energy healing, veganism, world travel, starting over again -- it is all here! If you are going through change and searching for answers this book will show you how to ‘be’ in your essence as you seek your inner truth. It will open your mind as to what is possible both in your life, and in the universe!”


— Patrick Snow, Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and

The Affluent Entrepreneur



“Whether you are experiencing change, looking to redefine your familiar or seeking answers on a spiritual path, this book takes you on an amazing journey of self discovery and teaches you to stand in love no matter what life challenges come your way.”


— Jeffery Bow Author Stop Thinking, Start Believing



“We each step into our becoming and our truth in our own unique ways.  This book teaches that when we open our mind to the idea that anything is possible we can grow as a person and step into our truth.”


— Lori Chaffin, Publisher of Hawaii Wellness Directory

& Your Health Hawaii Magazine



“Nicole Gabriel’s book teaches you how to solve life’s challenges, regardless of how unexpected and surprising they may be.  She reminds you in gentle and effective ways, that the answers you seek are always within yourself. Buy this book if you want to experience an amazing journey of self-discovery that awakens your Soul and changes your life.”


— Jody Rose Helfand, Author of Transforming Yourself



“Nicole’s book Finding Your Inner Truth shares with you how you can easily unlock the answers that you have been searching for all along. She will take you on a journey that leads to self awareness, self empowerment and self discovery!”


— Brandy Lokelani Sinoto, Author of Stepping Into Your Greatness

and #1 Earner PURIUM Health Products


“Nicole will awaken new passions in you. You owe it to your self to live more, love more and struggle less.  Start here right now!”


— Michael Fulmore, Author of Unleashing Your Ambition



“This book teaches how to clean up YOU by letting go of what no longer serves in your life.  This makes room for clean living of the mind, body, and soul!  Get ready to step into a whole new way of being with this must read book and learn to turn the messier things in life into your blissful truth!”


— Carol Paul, Author of Team Clean



“This book is a must read if you are looking for direction on your life’s path, Finding Your Inner Truth will open your eyes in so many new ways you never imagined.  It will have you crying, laughing, and challenging you to live within your truth, whatever that may be for you.”

— Randall Broad, Author of It’s An Extraordinary Life



“Sometimes it takes a great shake up in our lives to live in our truth and to do on this planet what we were meant to do.  If you’ve had a great change in your life this book will walk you through how to start tackling it and ways to go about putting pieces back together.”


— Al Foxx, Author of Achieving NO LIMITS — Embracing Change



“I could have used this book many times over the last 5-10 years, as I learned the hard way some of these very lessons Nicole shares with us here in her book.  What a powerful reminder of the lessons we learn, and life challenges we all face in different ways during this journey.  Nicole really captures how we CAN OVERCOME with some very practical, down-to-earth, and realistic ways that each of us can address things we all must face, and come out the other side happier, healthier, and stronger than ever before!”

— Aaron D. Murphy, Author of Aging In Place



“We often treat the truth like an elusive ideal and stumble through life in an effort to capture it. In Nicole Gabriel’s Finding Your Inner Truth we discover that the truth is not elusive. It has always existed within us. Through “The Great Initiation” we learn that all of our experiences, good and bad, lead us to become the living embodiment of our inner truth.”


— Louis Fuentes, Author Life Lessons From The Lantern


Finding Your Inner Truth is a refreshing read. With loving insight, you will be inspired to reclaim your life.  I was reminded that our lives are made up of equal parts of sorrow and joy and that it is impossible to have one without the other. Wise, warm and gentle Nicole Gabriel will teach all of us how to let go of what no longer serves us and to stand in love.”


— Bonnie Marie Richter, Author The Best Places to Kiss in the Northwest



“Life is an adventure.  What Nicole experienced is never easy to share. Yet this book is a candid and transparent journey through Nicole’s extraordinary experiences. She has opened up her heart to share the challenges and joys of her spiritual adventure. Her story is an invitation to grow, learn, and enjoy the journey as you seek your own truth and purpose.”


— Jorge Colon Author, Leveraging Social Capital



“We each have our own and sometimes it looks nothing like we thought it would. Nicole’s story show us that the key to navigating our adventure, no matter how many twists and turns it offers, is by remembering that Love is our true North.”


— Kim Ann Curtin, Author of Transforming Wall Street



Finding Your Inner Truth is a life changer.  Nicole’s process helps reveal what you may already know, but didn’t actually believe.  Learning to have the confidence and courage to trust provides a whole new way of living.”


— Teri Citterman Author of From The CEOs Perspective



“In Finding Your Inner Truth,  Nicole uses the challenges and triumphs of her personal experiences to assist the reader through processing, defining and creating the life they want. With sensitivity she helps you sort out and make sense of your experiences,  emotions and dreams as you move through your journey.”


— Dana E. Morrison, Author of Transforming Your Life Now



“This book reminds that no matter how challenging the events of our life are, we will always have ourselves and our connection with a force greater than us.  It’s that connection that guides us to our inner truths.”


— Helen Yoon, Author of Daring To Change



“I met Nicole between two major moves that most people would find too daunting and watched her fight for the best treatment of a beloved pet while developing a product line for other animals.  I am in awe of her and what she can accomplish.  This is a person I want to take advice from to fully embrace life.”


— Sandra Hixson-Matthews, Author of Kiss Your Food



“If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges, Nicole’s book will take you by the hand and help you navigate the road.  Finding Your Inner Truth reminds us that we are not alone, and illuminates a deeper purpose behind out journey.


— Suzan H. Proia, C. HT Personal Excellence Specialit,

EFT Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist



Profound life changes are an opportunity to learn to live from your heart and trust your inner guide. Nicole’s nurturing grace and healing words helped me to overcome tragic loss and channel my energy in a positive, healthy direction. I went from barely existing, to THRIVING in every aspect of my life – love, health, business and more! Let Nicole open your heart to your infinite possibilities for true happiness!


— Camille Leinbach, Owner/Holistic Skin Care Therapist

Autumn Moon Aesthetics



“Finding Your Inner Truth is full of fascinating stories and transformative life changing experiences that will have you both amazed and comforted.  As you walk through Nicole’s experiences you understand the gifts of a greater source and how healing from trauma can take you into a place of mastery and magnificence. This is book is a must read for all seekers of inner truth!”


— Nora Yolles-Young, C.Ht. Author of Healing Effortlessly



“What is fascinating to observe is how Nicole was true to the natural experiences of her astrological & numerological cycles. Even when life presents us with challenges (as we understand our personal timing) it is quite eye-opening how we can affirm when profound transformation finds us. It’s amazing what she got through and a must read if you too are going through a big shift as you seek your TRUTH, no matter how much it may even hurt.”

— Sharita Star, Author of It’s All in the Name



“Nicole’s adventures take us beyond this dimension and into soft sweet places I know exist where answers can be found that extend beyond time and space.  This is quite a journey into truth!”


— Ann Patrykus  Author of Akashic What?



“Sometimes the dance of life has us taking new steps or causes us to forget “moves” we already know.  Take Nicole’s hand and let her gracefully lead you through an incredible journey as you reflect on your own life -- and dance right into the rhythm of your truth!”


—  Lyla B. Berg, Ph.D., Author of Opening Your ‘Heart Soul’ Connection



“When you are silent, open your heart and listen to the animals. You may hear their subtle wisdom and guidance as Nicole did. When Nicole found a way to communicate with her animals, she began a journey of spiritual awakening that lead her to her inner truth. Let Nicole and her animals inspire and guide you on your personal path of discovery.”


— Wanda Buckner, EdD. Author of Choosing Energy Therapy: A Practical Guide to Healing Options for People and Animals




“Sometimes in life you get knocked down and feel that the world is against you. It is during these challenging times that your faith in God will be tested. In Nicole’s book, she experienced such a test and her faith in God ultimately lead her through her pain to a deeper connection to her truth. This book can do the same for you.”


-— Frank Reed, Author of In God We Trust Dollar$ & Sense