Discovering Peace When Everything Changes



March 24, 2014


Finding Your Inner Truth:

Discovering Peace When Everything Changes

Nicole Gabriel

Aviva Publishing (2014)

ISBN: 9781940984186



New Book Takes Readers on Mystical Ride to Center of Their Souls


In Finding Your Inner Truth, Nicole Gabriel shares her amazing and surprising story of how her life changed unexpectedly and the answers about life that she discovered as a result. She also guides readers in becoming prepared for changes in their own lives, as well as accepting when the Universe is pushing them in a direction they can’t understand because ultimately it’s for their own good.


Nicole’s personal journey began with the loss of her beloved Shar Pei dog, Tia. This devastating event triggered her desire to understand the how and why of the loss she had experienced and, most of all, to know where Tia’s soul went and that she was safe. Nicole herself was surprised by the degree of grief she felt over this loss, and having a husband who refused to share in or understand her grief did not help—or did it? Seeking comfort and answers, Nicole began a spiritual journey that resulted in a new awakening to who she was. Her journey had countless twists and turns, ranging from being a massage therapist to a yoga teacher, from being married to divorced to dating again, and from exploring shamanism, participating in mystical ceremonies, traveling to Peru, and communicating with ghosts. She even discovered a portal inside her home and may have had contact with benevolent extraterrestrials. Many of these adventures are documented in the stunningly beautiful colored photos she includes.


Readers may find some of Nicole’s story a bit hard to believe, but as I read, I realized how very sincere she was and I agreed to go along for the ride she takes us on. I was left feeling convinced that when we open ourselves up to the possibilities of life, to stepping outside of our comfort zones, and to trusting the Universe, magical things can happen. Those things can sometimes rock our world in disturbing ways, but if we trust that everything is happening for our own good, in the end, it will all make sense for us. I won’t give away the end of Nicole’s journey—in fact, I believe her journey is still continuing—but she did reach a place of satisfying peace and understanding in her life, and now she is stronger, wiser, and ready for whatever lessons the Universe will next decide to teach her.


Nor does Nicole want her readers to have solely a reading experience. Throughout the book, she offers exercises to make us think about our own lives, from reviewing our past to dreaming and achieving our futures. She summarizes her message and path in four words: Seek. Trust. Believe. Love. And she helps readers to navigate that path to finding their own inner freedom.


Perhaps what I most appreciated about this book is that Nicole was always open to her experience, and as hard as it was at times for her to lose pets, family members, a husband, even her home, she never gave up but sought to learn from it all. I feel as if she’s a kindred spirit because she believes our lives are planned much the same way I do. If readers are feeling a lack of peace in their lives, realizing this bigger picture Nicole presents may well help them. Nicole summarizes her belief about life by saying:


“When you have a great change occur in your life, it can often be hard to figure out where to start putting the pieces back together. A shift in consciousness is about to take place; you are now a part of what I call ‘The Great Initiation.’ Did you know that in the shamanic traditions this great change can sometimes be considered a soul wound, and in other spiritual studies, it’s considered a karmic debt from previous lives and the lack of understanding you had then? Some traditions talk of the need to repeat our old stories time and time again in various lifetimes until we learn the lesson we wished for. Yes, the ones we wished for! I believe that one day before we were born and came to earth, we all sat down with God and drew up life’s master plan. We were smart and experienced. God called in all the ancient masters, prophets, angels, and guides, and He asked for them to assist us in what would be the greatest plan for this life’s experiences.”


It can be difficult to understand and find the meaning in some of the crazy, disruptive, and unexpected things that happen in life, but Nicole makes it clear that purposes for everything exist, and if we trust in our own intuitions and the master plan the Universe has for us—a plan we helped to initiate—what is best for our souls will be the amazing result.


Anyone who has mourned the loss of a pet, wonders whether there’s something more to life, has pondered the possibilities of life on other planets or the concepts of time, reincarnation, or angels, or is simply searching for a happier, less hectic life, will be caught up in Nicole’s story. Finding Your Inner Truth reads like a mix between Marley and Me and Eat, Pray, Love with a healthy sprinkling of The Twilight Zone added for extra zest. It’s a book I don’t think any reader will forget, not just because of its many surprises, but because of the change it will work inside you. It may well be your beginning to a new, exciting, and more centered life.


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— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. and award-winning author of Spirit of the North: a paranormal romance